Park ‘N Fly Canada – Do they have any deals or coupons?

Park ‘N Fly – Airport Parking Made Easy

It goes without saying that we go to the airport to board on our flights and fly. We don’t go there to park. Hence, parking should not be part of our flying ‘adventure’ – or misadventure, if you must.
The thing is, our time going to and from the airport is almost always calculated. As we hurry our way down to catch our flights, every moment counts. It’s not surprising why most of us get stressed out when it comes to parking. The usually long queues, a myriad of security restrictions and the crowd make parking extra challenging at the airport. Now, this is where Park ‘N Fly comes in.

What is park ‘N Fly?

Parking your vehicle at the airport can be very time consuming and at times can be so stressful. So, instead of wasting your time over finding a parking lot and all, Park ‘N Fly will take care of your car parking.
As the leading airport parking service provider in Canada, Park ‘N Fly provides reliable and cost-effective airport parking options. It has networks spread across Canada including Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. You can choose from short term or long term parking services, with additional pampering services for your car if you want. Here are the advantages that you can get when you choose Park ‘N Fly:

⦁ You can rest assured that your vehicle is safely parked in a secure, well lit and gated compound.
⦁ Park ‘N Fly offers a 24/7 complimentary shuttle bus service for your convenience
⦁ They offer exceptional hassle-free valet services.
⦁ Park ‘N Fly customer service staff will be glad to assist you with your luggage.
⦁ You can conveniently get your boarding pass for Air Canada at the Valet Facility
⦁ Check in and check out is made easy and fast with Park ‘N Fly offering user-friendly automated self-service kiosk.

Now is the time that you forget about dealing with the hassle of parking at the airport. At Park ‘N Fly, all you need to do is drive to the valet facility location and register your vehicle. You can then board into the customized valet shuttle bus which will take you to the boarding terminal in just a few minutes. Once you return from your flight, you can simply text or call Park ‘N Fly when you have landed. Then, you can board the valet shuttle bus that will take you back to the valet facility. Just pay for your parking stay and proceed to your waiting vehicle. What’s more? You can avail of their car pampering services while you are away, such as car detailing and oil change services done by professional technicians at reasonable fees.

Check out Park ‘N Fly canada now and earn free parking with their rewards program each time you stay with them. Save even more with Park ‘N Fly exclusive discount coupons. Parking at the airport has never been this convenient with Park ‘N Fly – making life easier at the airport.