What is Mopify and do they have any coupons or deals available?

What is Mopify

At Mopify the services they offer are professional and efficient, in that they want to ensure that their customers have the best experience possible and feel satisfied with the service that they are being offered. Mopify are based in Canada and treat their customers well, with a $20 off coupon on the first purchase.
Mopify aim to make cleaning jobs easy for someone else to handle and take off, rather than worrying about the job being done if you are busy. A dedicated and professional cleaner will be set to clean any part of your home and do this at the best possible performance. Plus if you are not happy with the first clean, they will send someone to re-clean the specific room or area again at no charge.


The cleaners at Mopify in Canada are friendly, approachable, and hardworking, experienced, vetted and background checked before they start doing any type of cleaning work at a home or any other building.
They ensure that only these type of people are taken on to ensure safety of their customers and for a smooth running of business that is trusted and professional in its line of work, that is an intrusive type of job but specific to certain needs that people have who want someone to clean their home and know the job Is done correctly and properly to the expected standards.
After someone cleans a home, the customer will have the option to rate the cleaner and this works well for the cleaner in terms of knowing their progress but more importantly for the customer, who is able to monitor the cleaning schedule of different cleaners if applicable, especially for those that want consistency in the cleaning of their home. Find out more about Mopify


In terms of payment and managing your account of purchase history, there is an online website that you can sign into to view your account on any device with internet access. The payment history can be looked at along with appointments that have been booked with times, option to change a cleaner, change the frequency of house being cleaned, specific services and many more functions.
With the online management tool you are able to fit in a time and day that works well for you as well as get the job done at the time of day you need, especially if you live a hectic busy life and work all day, Mopify can help with easing your daily tasks and stress. The management account for your personal use is easy to use and not too complicated to go through and see the different features involved.


The payment methods at Mopify in Canada are simple to use and don’t waste your time. They are secure and safe to use as well as quick. Payment can easily be made wherever you are via credit card and you won’t be charged for the payment until the cleaner has done the job on the set day and is finished, the customer will then see if its all good. If so, the payment will go through shortly after, obviously if the customer is not satisfied, they will contact Mopify and address this.


Mopify Coupon

Find the latest updated Mopify coupons here. Current promotion is 20$ off your first cleaning